Our Company

May Consultancy Center (MCC) is a fast-growing, diversified consulting firm with the capability to collaborate directly with investors, business owners, and multi-industry service providers locally and abroad. 

The MCC has shown strong commitment and passion for providing business solutions to various industries, catering to all sizes, ranging from small local businesses to large international ones. 

Our method is consultative, focusing on listening to the requirements, needs, and concerns of our clients, partners, and team members. We offer the most effective and efficient implementation processes that align with our customers' standards, complementing their operations. 

We uphold excellence, teamwork, integrity, dedication, loyalty, commitment, and professionalism as the cornerstones of the high-quality service we provide for every business transaction.


May Consultancy Center (MCC) is a sole proprietorship owned by Mary Jane Sulayao-Anonuevo, under the laws of the Philippines, with Department of Trade and Industry registration number 4299157.  The commercial office of MCC is located at Camia St., Brgy. Alangan, Limay, Bataan, Philippines, which was originally located at Banzon Street, Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines. MCC aims to provide expert advice and solutions to any business industry across the globe.

Project Management International (PMI), under MCC's legitimacy, aims to empower business owners and service providers to create value and wealth together. 

MCC-PMI Specialized Collaboration Project Team 

MCC-PMI services the global market clients with integrity and excellence!  Our operating system is automated, and our expertise in multi-industry project management is world-class.

Accomplishments and Awards

We take pride in our accomplishments and awards as they reflect our mission and vision of becoming a fast-growing, diversified, multi-faceted international business consulting firm. We have the capability to affiliate and collaborate directly with investors, business owners, and multi-industry service providers locally and abroad to build value and wealth together.

USA-Made Beauty Products Business Industry, Project Collaboration

From 2014 to 2016, the Beauty Industry Project Collaboration witnessed the remarkable performance of our unit team, Starlight. We reached out to over 500 beauty consultant business partners in the Philippines as well as beyond the borders. By aligning our efforts and strategies, we attained our monthly sales target of one million monthly, which was a phenomenal success. In recognition of our exceptional performance, we were honored with several awards, including Millionaires Club Membership, Global Leadership in the US, and Car Achievement. To channel our energies and broaden our horizons, we established an independent unit office to curate immersive training, recognition events, and top-notch sales centers for our beloved beauty consultants.

Philippines - Human Resources Business Industry, Project Collaboration

In 2016–2017, May Consultancy Center collaborated with the human resources industry on an innovative project called "Train and Hire the Job-Seekers of the Philippines." This project was designed for retired OFWs from different fields of expertise, in collaboration with manpower agencies and LGU Philippine government offices. The mission was to provide skill assessment and coaching, job-search assistance, and employment support for job seekers. As a result, MCC generated coaching business opportunities for retired ex-OFW professionals and job employment for skilled workers.

Philippines - Skill Coaching and HR Consulting  Project Collaboration

In Q2 2015, MCC successfully accomplished the project for job seekers in collaboration with outsourced international manpower agencies in the Philippines, namely M.S. Brains, September Star, and Starborne.

Jordan - Corporate Training and Medical Consulting Project Collaboration

Since 2016, May Consultancy Center has been collaborating with the Manpower Business Industry. MCC successfully conducted "Time Management Training" and "Personality Development Training" for Primeworld Manpower Agency. Additionally, MCC outsourced a Laboratory Clinic (MedNet) for their job applicants, subject to medical/lab tests. As a result, numerous employment opportunities were served in this project collaboration.

Philippines -School Business Development, Project Collaboration

2019, MCC successfully managed the Educational Tour project for the House of Achievers Montessori School of Limay, Inc. in collaboration with Manila Ocean Park and National Panetarium.

Philippines - Event Management, Project Collaboration

In 2019, May Consultancy Center successfully managed the Reunion Event for the Former Employees of Bataan Polyethylene Corporation in collaboration with Subic Water Front Resort and Restaurant in Subic, Zambales, Philippines. The event was held with zero reported injuries.

Philippines, Business Development "Support Services"  Project Collaboration

In Q2 of 2019, May Consultancy Center successfully completed a project for graduating senior high school students in Limay, Bataan, Philippines. MCC assisted over 50 students in obtaining their birth certificates at the office of the Philippine Statistics Authority. Additionally, MCC helped students with incorrect information on their certificates without any additional costs or delays. As a result, students were able to attend the graduation ceremony stress-free.

Japan - Business Development, Marketing Consulting Project

Since 2018, MCC successfuly helped NPI, Japan owned company to penetrate the Philippine Market for their tatami products and other partner business industries.

Philippines, Best Consultancy Nomination Award

2019, MCC was invited to attend the Philippine Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) attended also by Mayor Isko Moreno and other known professionals - MCC was nominated Best Consultancy!

Global Business Affiliation Project

MCC became a community builder of investors, business owners, and service providers in multiple industries through business affiliations with project-based partnerships. In our sixth year of business operation, market demand has increased. Our business development concept has expanded to foreign-owned companies in Japan (Construction, Interior Design, and Material Supply), Switzerland IT Company (System Integration), Australia (Study, Work, and Migration), Middle East (Employment Overseas), Logistics (Importing and Distributions), European Country (Project Funding Solutions) and other foreign-owned businesses worldwide.

Australia - Business Affiliation Project Collaboration

2019, MCC successfully assisted the Aurum Representative in sustaining meeting arrangements for Filipinos interested in migrating to Australia.

USA-Philippines - Real Estate Business Industry Innovation Project

In 2022, May Consultancy Center collaborated with the real estate industry on an innovative project called "The Real Estate a Real Home." This project was designed for real estate business owners, legal advisers, and sales agents, both beginners and licensed. Its mission was to establish a developed webpage with complete real estate services and a project team of consultants. MCC-PMI was awarded a long-term project-partnership contract from the real estate companies.

Global Beauty Business Industry
Project Collaboration 

 In 2022, May Consultancy Center's PMI division collaborated with the beauty and fashion industry on an innovative project. The project was designed for beauty industry resellers and networkers and aimed to supply fashion clothes, shoes, jewelry, beauty products, and cosmetics from the Philippines and other countries to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on time, in full, and at a competitive cost. The project also aimed to establish business centers in all 13 regions of the Kingdom, offering an alternative way of purchasing products through an e-commerce platform and physical stores.

KSA - Engineering Business Industry
Project Collaboration

In 2022, Engineering Consulting and Services Project Collaboration,  MCC-PMI successfully designed a project for all types of engineers with a mission to provide business affiliation opportunities and engineering consulting services for the Saudi Market and other countries that need expert advice and solutions to business start-ups and development projects.

Philippines -Business Development Project

In 2022, the General Merchandise Business Industry Project Collaboration.  MCC-PMI successfully collaborated with EMS Shopping Membership Corporation, with a mission to provide a reliable shopper's and merchant's portal/system with a built-in referral program and rewards for all affiliated business owners and service providers of MCC.

Philippines - Board of Trustees,
Recognition and Award

 In 2023, the Non-Profit Organization Training and Consulting Industry.  MCC Founder, Mrs. May Sulayao-Anonuevo was invited and successfully voted to be part of the Philippine Advocates for Consultants and Trainers or PACT, with a mission to (1) represent all consultants and trainers locally and Filipino consultants and trainers abroad; (2) empower our members so they can be world-class too; (3) add value to our customers through world-class training and consultancy services; and (4) give back and pay forward by improving the quality of our society in general.

KSA - Event Management
Business Industry
Project Collaboration

In 2023, the Event Management Industry, MCC-PMI, successfully organized the 1st MCC-PMI Business International Conference - KSA. This conference was attended by a diverse group of professionals, including Business Owners, Engineering Service Providers, Training Facilitators, and Beauty Consultants. Our conference provided valuable business opportunities and innovative project solutions to all Professional OFWs, Saudis, and other nationalities residing within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are committed to continuing to provide high-quality events that benefit our attendees and contribute to the growth of the industry.

Global Digital Marketing "eLearning" Project Collaboration

In 2023, eLearning and Events Project Collaboration, MCC-PMI successfully designed a digital platform project for all types of eLearning and Events of PACT, with a mission to provide easy, fast, and a system that converts without delays.

KSA - Business Development "Digital Marketing Tools"  Project Collaboration

Introducing, Ms. Divine Dalanon, an affiliated member of the MCC-PMI Beauty Hub Project. An OFW in Saudi Arabia collaborated with MCC-PMI under the Beauty Hub Project as an independent consultant service provider and iFern product supplier. Reference website: At MCC-PMI, your dream to become a global entrepreneur is possible!

Global - Business Listings  Recognition and Award

Since 2014, the Philippine Business List Company has verified and recognized the May Consultancy Center (MCC). A business directory list increases our chances of getting discovered by potential customers across the globe.

KSA and Philippines - Business Innovation "Maria Juana Ginger Shot Fresh Fruit Juices"  Project Collaboration

Introducing Maria Juana Ginger Shot Fresh Fruit Juices! An innovative product under the MCC-PMI Food Business Industry, with a mission to naturally heal the world. Reference website:, your dream to become healthy and advocate for organic products.
The said project was successfully established in collaboration with MCC-PMI Business Affiliate Consultants and Marketers from the Philippines, Canada, and Pakistan.

Philippines - Business Set Up Project "Maria Juana Food House"

Q4 2023 MCC-PMI Business Set Up Project: Food Business Industry
Another business set-up project has been started in the Philippines called "Maria Juana Food House" with the vision of being part of the everyday meal plan of every family and in all celebrations or occasions of Brgy. Alangan residents and Northern Luzon Provinces by serving safe, quality, and affordable lutong ulam, silog meals, and snacks.
The said Food House is expected to have a soft opening by December 10, 2023, at 5 p.m. They operate from 5 a.m. until 2 a.m., Monday through Sunday.

Ireland, UK Global Business Affiliation "Training and Education Hub"  Project Collaboration

Introducing MCC-PMI Training and Education Hub! The MCC-PMI Training and Education Hub was created to serve as an online training platform for training and education providers, as well as private sector companies worldwide. In June 2024, MCC-PMI successfully established the Business Affiliation with Alison: The Education Company situated in Ireland. This affiliation is designed for anyone who wishes to take courses at their own convenience, needs, and requirements at no cost. To learn more, please visit the website at